That we live in the rush, we all know. But that is not an excuse to stop taking care of your hair as it deserves. One of the accessories we constantly use is, if not, the dryer itself.

But in the hurry of everyday life, you may be hurting your wires without realizing it, did you know that? There are some very common mistakes we women make that can damage everything from the scalp to the ends , leaving them dry and lifeless.

It is common, for example, for you to notice that girls touch the hot mouthpiece to the strands while brushing or drying themselves, which will remove all the liquid from their hair, leaving them dull and lifeless.

Another very common mistake is mishandling of the equipment during drying, which can cause you to not be able to dry the hair evenly and therefore, your hair ends up not having a comfortable texture. It is not uncommon for you to hear that some prefer to get their hair wet due to arm or wrist pain - all due to mishandling of the equipment .

So, did you find yourself in some of the situations we ended up reporting to you up there? If so, don't panic ! We made this post based on tips from none other than Eva Scrivo, beauty expert in New York. Are you ready to discover all the secrets? So come with me!

Do not split the fuses

Apparently you might think that by parting the strands you would be marking the hair and preventing it from drying out completely , right? But here it is: when you keep tossing your head from side to side, you run the risk of not drying right to the root of the strands - and also of leaving your hair armed.

The best way in this case is to split your hair into separate strands, drying slowly and calmly. Therefore, your drying will be much more efficient! To make your job easier, you could, for example, make use of clips to be able to separate the strands in the right proportions.

Stand to dry your hair

Yes, I know that sounds like the dumbest thing you'll read in this post, but it's the purest truth! When you're up, you get tired faster - and that's not cool, since we're working calmly, okay?

You can take the test: sit in front of the mirror instead of standing while drying the locks. Plus, by focusing your energies only on the upper body , you save energy and make drying much faster and more efficient, it's worth a try!

Hold your hairbrush with the wrong hand

This I am sure happens to you: when you dry your hair, you use your dominant hand to hold the dryer… So the hand with the lowest affinity will hold the brush, right? WRONG !

Ideally, you use your dominant hand to perfectly brush your hair, saving even the time you spend on brushing . Try the quiz!

Roll up too much with the brush

If your biggest wish is to make the brush your main ally at this time, beware! So that you can make your hair straight, the right thing to do is to move the maximum 90 degrees, starting at the base, ie your scalp.

More than that, you can damage the wire by breaking them. Another thing that can happen is when you get lost in the brush, it knots your hair, and then you don't know what else to do to get it out of there… I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about…

Dry your hair down

The natural tendency is that when drying, you use the brush and pull them down. But that may not please you, as your hair may stick to your head, losing that natural sway .

Here, the best tip is that you dry your hair by pulling your brush up , so that it gains volume! But use the technique to some extent: then, when it's time to finish, it is best to hit the wind on the ends , thus ensuring a slightly more settled form.

Leave the dryer near the wires

This mistake can be fatal to anyone who wants to let their hair grow beautiful and healthy! Contrary to what many people think, when we put the dryer too close to the wires, we will not make them dry faster .

The only thing we will be able to do at this point is to make the strands more rebellious, dry and lifeless. In some cases, when we touch the dryer too hot near the root, we can even burn the wires .

Ideally, your equipment should be at least three inches away from the wires so that they can dry faster. Another gold tip: Use the best hot air brush in brushing your hair.

Hold the dryer the wrong way

This one is a champion of errors! The best way to hold your dryer is always to keep it in the parallel part of the dryer. If not, you will end up throwing the air blast at hair that is already dry, frizzing it and making it more armed .

Leave the dryer still on the head

In addition to harming your hair, as you will keep the dryer for a long time in a certain strand, this will make you tire your wrist much faster.

The truth is that you come in a continuous movement, drying from the roots of the hair to the ends, always respecting the three inches apart .

Dry your hair in a hurry

No, this is not the best way to dry your hair! And it's very common for you to hit that running air every day, just to get most of the moisture out of the wires… But if you do, stop immediately !

When we take these actions, we leave the rebel hair without cause. Soon after, watch the rising frizz rise and even the breakage of the strands . Take it easy and take a moment to take care of yourself: haste is the enemy of perfection!

Dry the hair in the bathroom that has steam

I bet at some point in his life, he'll get out of the shower, put on his bathrobe and go back to the bathroom to dry his hair - while he still had steam from the bath . Right? Well, this is a pretty common mistake, believe me.

Sometimes we don't think of simple things like bath steam that can hinder your drying as it is damp. The best strategy at this time is to dry the wires in the bedroom or in dry environments - even in the living room.